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More than 220,000 Australians and all insurance companies trust the AMA Group to repair their vehicles. Our promise is simple and it is in our DNA. Our repairs are completed at the highest quality, always with your safety in mind and you’ll have an outstanding customer experience. Find a repair center near you
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If your vehicle has non-structural damage and you need to be back on the road quickly, there is only one place to go.

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Regardless whether your vehicle has had a small nudge to a heavy hit, a Gemini conventional Bodyshop can get you and your vehicle back on the road without the fuss.

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Gemini’s prestige Bodyshop’s meet the most stringent standards and accreditations set by the manufacturer.

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The AMA Group Heavy Vehicle Repair (Bus & Truck) Network boasts a national footprint which brings together the best-of-the-best in quality, expertise and excellence in customer service.

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Gemini’s mechanical repair facilities utilise the latest equipment and measuring systems to not only repair mechanically damaged vehicles, but service all makes and models to manufacturers standards.

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New age vehicles are typically made with advanced structural panel technology utilising sophisticated composite materials. The Gemini Group are at the forefront of the industry in repairing such vehicles and are capable in handling sophisticated computer and battery technology on electric vehicles.

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Find an AMA Manufacturer Accredited Repair Facility.

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Our Repair Process

The AMA 8 step repair process ensures your vehicle is inspected and repaired only by industry-certified technicians, whose priority is getting you back on the road safely.


Vehicle Drop Off

You can book your damaged vehicle in for repairs at any AMA site most convenient to you. We’ll promptly arrange an estimate and manage your claim directly with your insurer. You’re in good hands. If you don’t have insurance, no problem. Phone or call into a AMA site and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.


Body Repair

After drop off, parts are ordered and your vehicle moves into the body shop where our trained technicians will remove all parts requiring repair or replacement, and will perform all body and structural repairs. During this phase, all workmanship undergoes rigorous quality control.



When body repairs are complete, your vehicle enters the refinish process. Using the latest computer colour matching technology, our expert technicians utilising the worlds most renowned coatings will paint and polish your vehicle. Once this stage is complete, your vehicle will again undergo rigorous quality control.



After refinish, your vehicle will return to the Bodyshop where it is meticulously reassembled.
Once this stage is complete, your vehicle will again undergo rigorous quality control.


Valet Clean and Vacuum

Prior to your vehicle being returned to you, it will receive a thorough valet wash and vacuum. At this point, once again all aspects of the repair process are examined to ensure quality is met.


Quality Assurance

Your safety and complete satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we’ve developed and implemented one of the most rigorous quality assurance programs in the industry. Called the AMA Quality Charter, it allows us to monitor repairs at a granular level and allows us to act instantly. For you, all this means is peace of mind. We’ll make things hassle-free. We call it… The AMA Way – and it’s our promise.


Vehicle Delivery

Upon completion of repairs, we’ll contact you and one of our staff will walk you through the completed works before getting you back on the road.


Our Guarantee

Rest easy knowing you’ll drive away with a worry-free lifetime guarantee, a written promise guaranteeing our repair workmanship.

The AMA Guarantee

The AMA Group is renowned as a leading repairer in the industry. This is a reputation that has only come about as a result of the hard work of our people, and our long term commitment and investment in their development, our equipment, technology and processes.Everything we do has one aim. To repair your vehicle to highest quality standard, promptly and without fuss. To provide you with an exceptional customer experience. This is our DNA. This is our promise to you. That’s why we are confident that no matter what type of repair you need, you will be delighted that your vehicle was repaired by the AMA Group.


Our Brands

The AMA Group comprises some of the best known and most trusted and respected brands in accident repair in Australia and New Zealand and those brands repair around 1000 vehicles every day.





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