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People and Culture within AMA

AMA Group knows that our people set us apart and ensure that we provide world class accident solutions. Our people are central to our success and share our customer and safety-focused approach. Our customers experience is world class with the very best standards of repair whilst ensuring Safety is always our number one priority.

We constantly focus on individual strengths to bring the best out of people to enhance their skills, capabilities and careers in the automotive industry hence the value placed on diversity within the business. We strongly believe a culturally diverse and inclusive workplace promotes creativity, innovation, teamwork and collaboration which brings better outcomes for our business and customers.

We want committed, passionate and resilient people who work with integrity and want to be part of a team that work together to achieve our goals and fully embrace the One Team ethos in everything we do.

Our 5 Core Values


The use of imagination or original ideas to create something, for example being innovative – a fresh approach to repairing cars, doing things differently from our competitors, embracing the latest technology, finding solutions to problems and identifying new ways to reduce repair costs.



The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles, for example treating others with respect, being true to our word, doing the right thing, producing quality work and following due process.



The state of being dedicated to a cause or activity, for example doing what we say, developing our people, helping one another, going above and beyond what is required, being loyal and consistent quality repairs.



The accomplishment of an aim or purpose, for example delivering a vehicle on time and in its pre-accident condition, growing our people, acknowledging great work, increasing profitability through reduced costs whilst maintaining exceptional quality and customer service and expanding the AMA group domestically and internationally.



The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk or injury for example safety before productivity and caring for one another’s well being.